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Totems of N. presents an Evening of Poetry with X.E. Yims: Muse of Mute Testimony

February 14 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Totems of N. presents an Evening of Poetry with X.E. Yims: Muse of Mute Testimony. (THIS SHOW WILL BE FILMED)

X.E. Yims will entertain for two hours by reading poems from MUSE OF MUTE TESTIMONY. While including stories behind the scenes, and other tales that create his artist works. I would like to make light of our new business Totems of N, at the beginning of the event, and that will be that. Then I would like to figure out a way of recording the event, and how you would be comfortable allowing T.O.N. to proceed with that process.

Poetry Collect Bio/Review (from In Sleeve): The MUSE OF MUTE TESTIMONY is an attempt at writing Post-Modernism poetry. I believe that poetry, as beautiful and elementary as it can be, it can also be cynical and intricate. With arcing themes like ‘Love’ and ‘Discardment,’ it’s easy to see the cliché shock factor of the work. But more so, these poems engage the puzzle-solving mindset of the reader. Where keywords and topics lead to great camps of thought. It is emotional poetry for rational minded people. At times I even feel that this poetry is disturbingly aware of its’ sappiness and cloying bullshit. As the writer, I identify the sentiment, and then attempt to drop the façade. I invite the audience and readership to be critical of these poems, yet still take this journey. MUSE OF MUTE TESTIMONY, is the story about a man who finds himself out-matched by the simplicity of his existence. He meets the right woman, at the right time in their lives, when they were almost young, but the stars don’t align. It’s a love-story for the Hope generation, that takes the protagonist from nothingness to bliss to despair to something else unexpected. This collection of poems is choked-full of off-hand references, scientific language and vulgarity that comes across as romantic and personal. It’s the right balance between satire and vulnerability. As the reader navigates the landscape, the poems follow a linear story, but they can be read independently, as well. In Short, MUSE OF MUTE TESTIMONY; Collection of Twee Poems, uses each piece like transparencies on an overhead projector. Each slide added, highlights and brings into focus the complex relationships between writer and subject. Contemporaneously, trying to gauge the gap between the power of poetry in the greater world abroad and the intimate details and inside jokes that make-up the truths of each character. Enjoy.

Artist Bio: X.E. Yims {X.E.Y.}, born in Reading, PA between John Updike and Taylor Swift. Although, he grew up in the backwoods of the Western Pennsylvania, on the edge of the Allegheny National Forest. Yims parents’ tenuous relationship and his strict catholic school rearing in his formative years directly juxtaposed his Huck-Finn transcendental upbringing and forged his antithetical prose-poetry writing style. Yims studied at both the Universities of Alabama and Montana. His real education came from his time traveling America. Following many years on the highways, Yims returned to Pennsylvania and moved to Pittsburgh. In 2017, he began work on what would become his first self-published work, MUSE OF MUTE TESTIMONY. X.E.Y is currently shopping his debut novel BAPTISM IN DARK WATER. He is widely known in some circles as “The Sex Poet,” yet his work is far more encapsulating, experimental and beautiful.





February 14
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Poetry Lounge
313 North Ave. + Google Map