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Deluxe Taxi

October 12 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Deluxe Taxi combines their individual talents and experiences to create a powerful and engaging sound that captivates audiences with its raw energy, melodic depth, passion, and dynamic percussion. Their music reflects a blend of punk, rock, metal, and hardcore influences, resulting in a unique and eclectic sound that sets them apart in the music scene. With their high-energy performances and intricate musical arrangements,

Deluxe Taxi continues to push the boundaries of punk rock, showcasing their creativity and versatility as a band. Deluxe Taxi stands out as a dynamic punk band, boasting a lineup of musicians with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The group was founded in 2023 by Mike Anthony, who shortly recruited Jeff Douglas, Jorge Peraza, and Carl Jones, blending together a distinct mix of styles and influences that contribute to their powerful and engaging sound. Originating from various cities and musical genres, each member of Deluxe Taxi brings their own unique talents and perspectives to the band. Mike Anthony, Jeff Douglas, Jorge Peraza, and Carl Jones collaboratively create a dynamic and eclectic musical fusion that sets them apart in the punk scene.

Mike Anthony, the guitarist and lead vocalist from Indianapolis, IN with former and currently active bands across the US, infuses the band’s sound with raw energy and intensity derived from his punk and rock roots. His gritty guitar riffs and impassioned vocals drive the band’s high-energy performances, establishing the core vibe of Deluxe Taxi. Jeff Douglas, a bass guitarist and vocalist from Saginaw, MI, adds melodic depth to the band’s music, drawing from his experiences with Gravity to provide a solid foundation with intricate bass lines and harmonious vocals. Douglas’s contributions bring complexity and nuance to Deluxe Taxi’s punk rock aesthetic, shaping their overall sound. Jorge Peraza, the lead guitarist and vocalist from Katy, TX, injects fiery passion and technical prowess into Deluxe Taxi’s music. With a diverse range of influences from his time with A Soaring Feeling, Peraza incorporates elements of metal and punk into the band’s sound, showcasing his virtuosity through searing guitar solos and emotive vocals. Completing the band is Carl Jones, the drummer and vocalist from Indianapolis, IN, whose powerful and dynamic percussion underpins Deluxe Taxi’s music.

With a wealth of experience playing across various bands in the city, Jones drives the songs forward with his energetic beats, infectious rhythms, and powerhouse fills, providing a solid foundation that keeps the band in sync during their performances. Together, Mike Anthony, Jeff Douglas, Jorge Peraza, and Carl Jones form a talented and creative powerhouse within Deluxe Taxi. Their individual contributions and diverse backgrounds enrich the band’s music, creating a rich tapestry of sounds and styles that are reflecting onto their first album &MEANITWHENYOUSAYIT set to be released by the end of 2024 defining the unique essence of Deluxe Taxi


October 12
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Poetry Lounge
313 North Ave. + Google Map